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February Coaches Spotlight – Ed Candelas… I began coaching in October 2019. I knew since I left high school that I wanted my world to be surrounded by fitness and human performance- therefore I chose to major in Exercise Science (at Benedictine University) to learn more about what the human body was capable of. Ever since I first discovered CF I would hope one day I could be in the position of a coach, guiding others to help reach their goals. When the opportunity came up at Posted I immediately took the necessary steps needed to be in a coaching position, and have loved it since then.. What I enjoy most about coaching at Posted is the amazing and fun community. I always love how they complain about my warm ups but I make them do it anyway..:) My favorite warm up includes programming some sort of row/bike paired with paired with dynamic movements to get the body prepped for the work to come. Thrusters or burpees?? I will take burpees over thrusters any day.. thrusters just seem to take your soul away…. Whenever I'm not in the gym coaching or working out (which is very rare) my sister and I enjoy going out to try to discover the world a little more, we enjoy finding that fun new experience we can do together now, before we get older and take on more responsibilities. I absolutely love the CF community and the fitness that comes with it. I've been at Posted for almost two years now and have loved it ever since I first walked through the doors. I would not change it for anything else… #coach #crossfit #fitness #community

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