Our CrossFit program is a 60 minute group fitness class led by an expert coach that combines a comprehensive blend of weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance training.  Every workout can be adapted to challenge any fitness level regardless of experience.

Not sure where to begin? Our Foundations program is the perfect place to start. These small-group sessions are for novice athletes or those new to CrossFit. Our knowledgeable coaches provide individual attention and feedback in 12 introductory classes to prepare everyone to approach training at CrossFit Posted with confidence.

• Every Foundations class will teach a new skill or build upon a previously taught foundational movement: squatting, pressing, or lifting off the floor. The emphasis is on technique, not weight or speed.
• Every class will also include a high intensity workout that is completely adjustable and will be customized based on each participant’s fitness and experience level. We will also cover the importance of nutrition during the course.
• Foundations classes will be structured like Posted’s CrossFit classes, which allows for a seamless and confident transition into our mainstream classes after the Foundations course is completed.

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